Country Risk Monitor | About CRM
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About CRM

Country Risk Monitor (CRM) addresses global challenges with actionable business intelligence: uniquely tailored, investment-driven advice on navigating the specific markets and risk categories that directly or indirectly impact client engagement. CRM helps clients make the best informed decisions, offering on-demand country risk expertise and critical resources for mitigating the risks associated with global investment and involvement in emerging and frontier markets.

Applied Expertise

CRM is a consortium of firms with regional- and functional- specific knowledge that draws on its deep expertise, regional contact networks, and strong analytic capabilities to provide individualized and actionable guidance. CRM builds project teams each specific project designed to fully meet client needs and remedy any potential issues.

CRM experts have regularly worked with Fortune100 companies, engaged at the top levels of government, and have often been solicited for their views and input by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, Reuters, and Bloomberg, as well as authored pieces for a variety of news, academic, and think tank publications.

A Tailored Approach

Clients directly collaborate with CRM principals to ensure they receive the best information to guide their specific investment and operational needs, not generic off-the-shelf products. We offer a wide range of products, and can package them to address individual client requirements, including:


Written Assessments

CRM prepares written assessments of the impact of new leaders or governments on investor engagement, including possible changes in law or domestic policy.

Sanctions Rules & Regulations

CRM explains to clients sanctions rules and regulations and how their growing reach impacts current or potential investments.


Ongoing Monitoring

CRM provides clients with ongoing monitoring of target markets, including alerts and briefings on rapidly developing events, enabling our clients to navigate changes in geopolitical dynamics and stakeholder interests before they have an issue.